Who We Are

We are pleased to inform you that two individual companies – Alf Orthodontics and Thomas Industries – have joined forces to a single, unified company known today as AORTIC. Together, the missions of our previous companies will remain the same. We will be your partner in conducting medical and dental research studies, providing you with the most accurate and most relevant information to help you make better decisions.

We are delighted to serve our current clients who are with back when we are still two separate companies. Now that our technologies and expertise have combined, we pursue excellence both on the quality and the quantity of our service. We want to have your trust in our company in doing premade research relevant to your practice or develop custom health research plan that you can use as your foundation when making strategic decisions.

Aside from conducting medical and dental research studies, we are also a testing company for our own developed equipment as well as technologies that other companies create. Our testing laboratory is manned by highly skilled technicians who evaluate the performance, functionality, efficiency, and safety of the equipment prior to use or being released in public.